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How We Work . . .

.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . our magic to give you the best choice and the best service at the best price


                                       We tailor your holiday itinerary according to your personal preferences
                                   Each holiday is individually planned - we do not have off the shelf packages.
                                            We ask you to tell us what you would like included in your holiday. 
                                Using our local knowledge we prepare a holiday that suits you - at the best price.


Why Book With Us ?

We visit the islands regularly, gaining experience and local knowledge, to enable you to make "informed" choices about your all-important holiday. We offer a wide choice of accommodation and services and, with our local knowledge, we are able to tailor-make each and every holiday. Companies with limited choice and no local knowledge are not able to do this. We are based in the UK, you can have a conversation with us about what you want in your holiday itinerary - a conversation you can't have with a booking website or a travel company with no local knowledge. We "build" the holiday that you want - and our exclusive rates give you the best price. Our customers value that expertise when deciding on their holiday.
   *   We are a UK registered, ATOL bonded, tour operator.


As "preferred tour operator" for many resorts we have lower prices than other travel companies. We often beat the "guaranteed best price" websites !  We have better payment terms than the online booking machines. We set our prices lower than the websites of suppliers in the Caribbean you are guaranteed a better price from the very start. We include all applicable taxes and charges in our prices. UK Travel companies and Caribbean suppliers often quote without taxes and surcharges.
We have a contract price with the airlines. Regardless of where or how you book your flight we'll give you the best price and we have easier payment terms. As a condition of this tour operator fare we cannot sell "flight only" tickets.
We have lots of our own special offers and any special offers you see on resorts' websites we can include in our holiday quotes. Our famous Diamond Diving Deals are complete packages for a diving holiday - at a discounted price.
Although our service, knowledge and legal protection are essential for our clients - we know price is important. We are happy to provide a detailed and definite price quotation for you.  All we ask, when comparing prices, is that you compare "like with like".

We'll Send You A Detailed Holiday Proposal . . . .

.   .   .   .   .  for your consideration. Our holiday itineraries can include:  flights - accommodation - vehicle hire - meals diving -  adventure packages - boat trips - weddings - and much more. The itinerary is always fine-tuned to suit you and we need as much information as you would like to give us, to prepare your ideal holiday itinerary. All quotes for holidays are given with no obligation. We work on the basis that although you might not travel with us this time, the world is a big place, we will hopefully hear from you again in the future
We personally recommend the accommodation we offer. We do not offer accommodation we have not visited. We are legally responsible for our information and service to you and we do not sell accommodation that we cannot fully recommend.
We can book all aspect of your holiday including all your diving requirements - including tech. diving, courses, excursions etc.  Click on an island page above to see more detailed information about the diving available for each island.
We can add meals to your itinerary. We will also send a list of the best restaurants. We can arrange for a grocery pack if you are renting a private house or villa. If you self-cater we have information on local supermarkets.
Vehicle Hire / Transfers
We can reserve supply a vehicle for you to explore, enjoy shore diving and other activities on the islands. Hiring is not expensive. Our vehicle hire prices always include CDW cover. Prices on websites do not include insurance. We will book transfers if you do not hire a vehicle. In some cases you may want both - just let us know.

We agree the most convenient UK airport with you (15 in the UK) and check all flights/routes for the dates you have in mind. It is important to know if you have any flexibility in your holiday dates. We will book inter-island flights if you intend to visit more than one island.  We will find the best fare and schedule for you - taking into consideration all factors - fares, accommodation prices, special offers etc.  We will give all the options - so that you can decide what is best for you. There are flights most days and you can choose the length of your holiday.
Taking Flight Options
We have a contract with the airlines. We are able to take flight options for you  - unlike other travel companies. There is no obligation in taking flight options. There is no penalty for cancelling options. Taking options is a very valuable service to you. You get the best fare - and it is fixed so have an accurate price for your holiday. In addition it takes any time pressure off making important decisions - giving you time to consider your holiday in your own time. In unusual circumstances a fare may go down. If this happens we will re-book to the lower fare.
No matter how or where you book your flight we have the best price and better payment conditions. Many companies don't quote with the air fare or you must pay immediately - as you do if you book directly with the airline. We give you as much time as possible to make sure all the details of your holiday are exactly as you wish.
Please click "booking flights" under the flights tab in the banner above.

Booking and Payment

If you wish to book a holiday -  we ask for a 15% deposit to secure the booking - but only after we have confirmed each and every item on your itinerary. You may still revise the itinerary, but changes to flights may alter the holiday price. Holiday itineraries are always subject to availability. The final payment is due at least 10 weeks prior to your departure. Your payment is to a UK based - ATOL bonded - company. Payments can be by cheque, online transfer, debit or credit card.  All payments are within the UK banking system. There is a charge made by the credit card companies -  2%. This is NOT a charge that we make. We make no charge for using a debit card.

There is a misconception that booking directly with suppliers is cheaper it is not.
Our prices are lower than those on Caribbean suppliers, websites.
Typical small print on a Caribbean Hotel website :
Prices are excluded 15% service charge over the basic rate.
Prices do not include $6:50 per person per night tourist tax.  
There is a 6% charge to the amount if you pay with your credit card.

Credit cards use a poor rate of exchange to convert your pounds into dollars.
This adds 26% or more to the price you see displayed on a "Caribbean suppliers'" website.

There are also "hidden" extras some people do take into account when comparing prices. The 6% credit card charge and poor rate of exchange will only appear weeks later - on the card statement. We use a commercial rate of exchange which makes our price lower when converting dollars to pounds.  For our transactions the card companies charge 2% - one the lowest in the UK travel industry. This makes our prices lower still. Some card companies are now charging a 2.99% premium for non sterling transactions. All these things - not apparent when comparing prices - all add a huge amount to the final total.
We are around 10% cheaper like for like on holidays booked direct.
It is not easy to shake the illusion that booking direct is cheaper but the numbers tell the truth. Buying "direct" from the Caribbean is complicated, more expensive and has no safeguards or guarantees.
The CAA specifically warns against what they call D-I-Y holidays click the atol logo on the right for more information.

The Online Booking Machines.

Booking websites have no experience of the islands and it is not possible to have a "conversation with them!  They demand that you pay now or take a gamble on the exchange rate and pay the resort on island. They are unclear about taxes and surcharges in their quotes.  Booking websites many based outside the UK ask you to make decisions on little or no information with little or no support and with prices and payment terms that are either unworkable or more expensive in the long run.  The lack of clarity it their quotes means a great deal of uncertainty. Not a good way to start a holiday.
But thankfully the robots haven't taken over entirely !

We are a UK registered company, an ATOL bonded tour operator. Your payments are safeguarded by this bond underwritten by the Civil Aviation Authority. Websites without an ATOL licence have no such guarantee. We are bound by European consumer protection laws. Websites/suppliers outside the UK are not bound by European or UK law.

Booking with us is easier, cheaper and safer.

We send you LOTS of advice on everything and anything that will help you to enjoy your holiday - weather, health, currency, restaurants, sights to see, things to do etc. We can answer your questions from personal experience, having visited the islands many times and we'd be happy to discuss your holiday plans. Our policy is to be honest, open and fair. We never hide behind the small print we don't have any small print ! We enjoy talking about the islands, so please feel free to contact us. The advice and information we offer you is entirely without obligation. Our reputation our future - depends on personal recommendation, and so we are dedicated to giving the very best service at the best price.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website - we hope you find it interesting.